Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Jammies

What Was I Thinking?

I made some jammies for my niece, nephews and Jake for Christmas. I was excited because I had all this super soft microchamois fleece fabric. Perfect for Christmas jammies. They were a big project to take on, not only right before Christmas, but they also had feet in them, and the fabric turned out to be very stretchy and hard to manage. I thought I could handle it and I wanted to tackle the challenge. Hmmm... maybe next time I will listen to the voice of reason and pick one challenge instead of a bunch at once!

I was going to write a 3 part saga but I decided not to bore you with the grim details about how I serged Sam's feet in inside out so the gripper fabric would be touching his feet instead of the ground. That's helpful isn't it? Ever try unpicking serging on jiffy grip fabric? Well, if you live your life and never have to, you will have lived a good life. (At least that was my thought that night at 3 am.) I had machine troubles, sewed Andrew's waistband in wrong, my hems were terrible and wavy, the list goes on. And guess what, Christmas is over, yes? Well, the saga doesn't end. Sarah's were way too big for her - I think I must have gone with Andrew's inseam on those accidentally because they are the same size otherwise. Oops.

So tonight, I am shortening them. Not even sure what I am doing because they have elastic at the bottom and then the feet. I should have just folded out the excess and serged that. But I wanted the seams to be straight (which is actually impossible on this fabric!!!)so I measured and cut, pinned and serged, thinking it was going to be OK. But guess what? Would these unruly beasts EVER be sewn right by this bewildered seamstress? NO. I sewed the foot on backwards. Yeah, I'm good. I think I better stick to some easy stuff for a while. And take my time when learning new things- I think it was just the Christmas frazzledness more than anything. I DID learn a lot and the kids are soooo soft and nummy in their jammies!! And they love them so that is all that matters.

If anyone that reads this uses a serger - this tip is really helpful for frogstitching (rip it, rip it) or unpicking serger stitching.

There's a picture in my last post but here are some more. They really did turn out cute and I'm still totally glad I gave them a shot. Did I mention how cute these kids are or how much I LOVE them? It has been such a fun Christmas being all together and having my sister and her family here.


Kara said...

I'm sorry they were such a pain! I think they turned out wonderfully!

Jana said...

You're hard work paid off in this instance! Let me know when you're ready to tackle "feetie" pajamas again.. I'll pay you to make Suz some! :)