Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Few Good Men

These men are the real thing. They are beautiful men and I love them. I am so excited for conference. I just love when it comes around. Not just the being able to watch church in my jammies thing, but the spiritual refilling. It just feels good in my heart. I am so very grateful that they are on Earth and for their guidance and examples of strength.
(I couldn't find one with Elder Christofferson in it.)
I am SO grateful for a living prophet. What a blessed people we are that we have guidance for living in this often difficult world we live in.

Come, listen to a prophet's voice, and hear the word of God!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Big 7th Grader

On some levels I can't believe this cute kid is old enough for 7th grade. Junior high! But on other levels, he is definitely a pre-teen/teen. I went to his Parent Teacher Conferences last night and came out feeling proud of him. A couple teachers said how smart he was, and another two said they loved having him in their classes. It is so good to have contact with the people he spends the rest of his day with. I was a little worried because I wasn't sure if they would say he was not getting assignments in, talking too much or "drumming" and making too much noise, etc. (He is constantly hitting the tables, counters, and anything that will make noise in a drumming -and loud- fashion. Hard on the nerves but maybe he has a talent for drumming?) Ok, one did say he was talking too much... but that teacher is changing the seating arrangement and that should help.

It was great to hear positive things. And as long as he remembers to turn in his assignments, he should get good grades. I am really pleased with how well he is adjusting to junior high. He really seems happy there. It is a great school with some great teachers. What a relief! I was afraid junior high would be a nightmare!! But it is better than 5th or 6th grade so far. He likes feeling a little more grown up and having more independence.

It was also great to hear positive things, because we are struggling to get along lately. I feel bad for him because I never feel well -especially waking up at 6:30 am when I can hardly sleep at night- and therefore lose patience easily/am ornery/and am not all that fun. And his combination of not listening to me/noise-making/and teenage hormones has been incredibly challenging for me. I guess there are reasons for everything and we are definitely being blessed. He really is a wonderful kid. I love him to pieces. And he's handsome to boot.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The stealth of a ninja

Too funny! Sometimes youtube can be great entertainment. Have you all seen the Christian the Lion video? I LOVE it! What an amazing story. And this unlikely friends video:

This is what I should be doing instead of looking at youtube videos:

And it would sure be nice if I could!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cute Guys

So, I just watched this movie that has been aging on my dvr for a good long while. It was called Jack and Jill vs. the World. It had Freddie Prinze Jr. in it and he can be so cute. I really liked him (well, except for the smoking) in this. So I got to thinking about the cute guys in the world. This may sound stupid, but I kind of get where I think there ARE no cute guys in the world, so this is actually refreshing! :) So, since I'm single, and I can... here are a bunch of cuties for your viewing pleasure.

First and foremost is Tom Hanks of course - I love him!
I can't resist the classic good looks of Cary Grant!the yummy Matthew Goode
Ahh James Tupper -so cute. I love his personality, or at least the personalities of the guys he plays.

Dale Midkiff - I've just seen him in Hallmark movies, but he seems like a great guy and he is really appealing in those Hallmark shows! :D

the cute and charming Freddie Prinze Jr.


Dermot Mulroney

I just love a kind smile, a good heart, strength of character, a good sense of humor, distinguished good looks, curly/wavy hair... So what makes a guy appealing to you? Please share!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Sam, Sarah and Andrew

What a fun August we had with Sam, Sarah and Jo in town! Andrew was up at Pa and Gram's (my parents) almost every day. They had swimming lessons, a trip to the zoo, Red Butte Gardens, Kangaroo Zoo and Boondocks. They loved jumping on the tramp every night and finding Orangejello (the turtle), having Pa mix them drinks (Talking Rain and Gatorade), picking tomatoes, playing in the sandpile, getting Slurpees or shaved ice...

There's something about kids and the way they view the world. They're eager to wake up in the morning and discover a new day. Their whole lives ahead of them - they are fresh and ready to take it on. This enthusiasm and fresh perspective is healing for me. I love these kids! I wish I had some more pictures of Jake with them but he just happened to not be around much when we were taking pictures!

Here are some more pictures of the fun times in August:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can you believe it?

These brand new prescription glasses only cost me 8 Bucks!!!!!! How much do I love the internet? You can save 5% if you need any glasses too because they sent me a code with my order. It is "godirect". Although 5% off of $8 isn't much, there are some more expensive frames on there. But there is nothing over $80. (You do need to have a prescription already.) I had put off getting new glasses for years. I have one really old pair for tv that only have one lens left that I have been using! I do have one nice pair in my car. I don't wear them constantly, so if I bring them inside, they never make their way back out. So that's my little internet find that I am extremely excited about. I know it is a little boring to post about but I wanted to share anyway, and I'm not up to posting much else at the moment. Hopefully soon!
Have a wonderful day!