Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Old and the New

Here is Jake before one big day this month:

Falling backwards fast so that he is blurry.

Mug shot
Laughing because he thinks he's so funny

And NOW:

He got braces!!!Being silly again
And again. (My camera was on the red eye position so it took longer to take the picture after I'd push the button. So Jake thought it was very funny to smile and look like he was taking a nice, normal picture and then to jump up real close, or lean back real fast, or do a serious face!) He keeps me smiling. I guess they never stop being silly.

This cute kid has been sick in bed for a week! The doctor thought it might be swine flu. Whatever it was, it was something else I tell ya. He could barely move. And all this happened right at the end of the term when everything is due and he missed tons of tests, etc. Crazy! I am just glad he is on the upswing now.

Also, I love this blog post.