Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gratitude Prayers Update

Hey guys!

I wanted to update how this went because it was such a cool thing. It was a surprise - gratitude prayers are actually a relief! It was a nice change from having to come up with the right things to ask for -or worry about - all the time. I realized that my subconscious mind really thinks I have to worry about things and try to figure everything out, or nothing will be OK!

I just got to look at the good things. What a nice break! It let me sit back and give the job of figuring it all out to Him. That can be easier said than done but, voila! a gratitude prayer accomplished it for me. It made faith take over and that was a beautiful thing. I can rely on Him to know what I need. Sometimes figuring things out and pondering does help a lot, but I need to remember to keep the balance. I did not expect to learn any of this, and I really loved this experiment!

So, on that note, here's a list of things I'm glad about today:

That Nablopomo is over! :D It was good and got me in the blogging mode but it will be a relief also to just post when I want to and feel like I actually have something to say (whether it is significant or not.)

That Jake's big present came while he was gone for the long weekend and he didn't see it!

That selling Jake's bedroom set on Craigslist enabled me to pay for Christmas and his birthday next month.

Happy Christmas time!


Suz said...

NICE! That rocks about Craigslist!

Jana said...

That is a great way to put gratitude prayers! :) I try to figure everything out when I pray too so to just concentrate on the things I am grateful for is a relief.
I also find myself trying to "break down" the things I am grateful for. Like if I am grateful for my home, I should be grateful for the people that built it. And the people that profided the materials. And the people who amde the tools and so one. It can get exhausting on somethings, but it helps me put into perspective all that He has given to me!
(Sorry about the long comment)

Natalie said...

Hey long comments are a good thing! I totally get that about breaking it down. I tend to make everything more complicated than it has to be!! But then again, it equals even more gratefulness! :)

Kathi said...

Elder Bednar's wife's prayer (from his Conference talk) was life changing for me.