Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Bachelor

I watched The Bachelor on tv last night. I am completely sick of that show but I think Jason is such a great guy, I want to watch this one. Within the first few minutes, nausea set in and I remembered why the last ones made me want to toss my cookies. I also remembered why I like The Bachelorette so much more than The Bachelor. Girls. They can be so catty and so icky. The selling of themselves at the beginning totally turned me off. I'm sure they tell them to say why they should be chosen, etc. but blech. (How do you spell blech?) And how about the girls choosing who should go off first?? That was awful.

The whole concept of guys chasing after girls instead of the other way around just appeals to me so much more. I think it is good for the guys and is more fitting for their nature. They like to work at something to win it. They appreciate it more that way. And I think having 25 girls vying for their attention is actually counterproductive to the whole process of getting them to decide on one girl and settle down. But Jason is down to earth and in it for all the right reasons. What a cute dad he is!

I really liked Melissa so far and I had some other likes and dislikes. What did you think?


Kara said...

I didn't watch it... the last one I watched was with Trista and Ryan. And I totally agree with you on why the Bachelorette is better! And I think that would be how you spell blech! ;)

Kathi said...

I was so disappointed. I thought he'd be so great, but he either doesn't have any discernment or he's drawn to classless girls. He let a lot of really good ones go. And the ones he kept---whoa, bad news, except for 2 or 3.
Maybe he already chose and he just kept a bunch of bad ones so he wouldn't hurt the good ones' feelings when he sent them home. Yeah, right.

Jana said...

That show is drama drama drama. Makes for good television but bad lifestyle! I heard he did an interveiw with people and he is still currently engaged to the girl he picks.. let's just hope it's a good one!

JoAnna said...

Did you watch the show after it? True Beauty or whatever? I was laughing soooo hard!! Hilarious. And I love Billy.

Natalie said...

Kara - I'm glad you agree - about the men and blech. :)
Mom- I'm a little worried too -I think that is one of the problems is the ones that push themselves on the guy and want to be noticed the most are the ones they do notice... and usually the ones I like the least.
Jana - too true - like most reality tv!
Jo - No!! It looked hilarious and had kind of a good intention in a way but I'm not sure I could hack it lol.