Saturday, May 23, 2009

Worth so much more than money

This right here is what keeps me going.I mean, tell me that doesn't warm your heart. For me, there's no better gift. It is like the pure love of a child captured and put into an envelope and sent through the mail. This was Sarah's "thank you" for the clothes I made her. It is a labor of love, I tell ya. There's nothing like my niece, nephews and Jake to remind me that life is worthwhile and full of joy and beauty.

Oh my gosh I love the people she draws. From the banana/triangle people above to these guys with their awesome hair. I. love. them. (Don't mind the bleed-through from the other side of the paper - it just means there's another picture to enjoy.)

I think this one looks like a treasure map. See the xs to mark the treasure spot? And the little fish in the pond in the middle? And the maze that adorable little person had to walk through to find it? See those letters at the top? She does some good letters for only 4 years old! OK, end of love fest, but these made me so happy. Thanks Sarah!

Friday, May 8, 2009

To Curt

a.k.a Curty, Cuteski, Curt the Dirt Squirt, and MacGyver.

You are one of my favorite people. I'm so glad I got to grow up with you as my brother. I remember being so proud of all my scrapes, cuts and bruises when we compared to see who had more. And I know that you have exceeded my score by at least a trillion. I remember running away to the barn, and you taking your food sticks. I remember feeling like I wasn't all alone in the world because of you. I felt like you "got" me when we were little and trying to figure out life. I remember looking up to you, even though you were my little brother. I still do. Even though you don't love being social, you have such an enjoyable and lovable personality. I have always loved your sense of humor and your sense of style.

People in the neighborhood used to call Curt MacGyver because he could make anything out of anything. The legendary fort with electricity, the luge run he built in his yard this year, and much more. He is always doing fun and crazy things. My mom was tending his son Andrew and they were talking about Curt's big rocks in his yard that he uses to build obstacle courses and mountains for his little all-terrain remote control car to climb. She said, "I wonder if anyone else has a dad as crazy as yours." He pretty quickly responded, "My dad." (pretty smart for a little guy. My dad is definitely the pre-cursor to Curt.) And then as he was walking away he said, "And I'll probably be like that."

Because you know - dads who build Luge runs, obstacle courses and motorcycle and sled/snowboarding jumps in their yards are where it's at.

I love you Curt!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And thanks for being a great brother.

Monday, May 4, 2009

2 New Outfits for My Little Sarah Girl

The skirt is Onion pattern 20021. The top is from Target, and the pin is made by me. My first hot fix bling efforts ever. I have been informed that Sarah now likes anything she thinks is "pretty". I hope she thinks her new outfit is pretty! (This is the same girl who refused to dress up like a princess at a princess party - which I'm sure was the dream of most of the girls there!)

Knit play shorts - Ottobre pattern 3/07 #10. Top from Target. These were fun projects!! I loved both patterns - pretty easy but satisfyingly cute!

p.s Suz, Kara, and Jana - your rice bags are next!