Thursday, December 4, 2008

Want to win something cool?

Wall Decals are a great way to decorate. They are less permanent than paint and come in a variety of fun expressions as well as some decorative art. My favorite is the wall art. I mean, I could certainly find a place for this beauty somewhere in my house:

And who can resist this knobby knee birdie?

This one might be helpful around here:

Grosgrain, which is the blog of a talented seamstress who designs amazing clothing and sews for her daughter and giveaways, her new store, etc. is having a ...
All you have to do is link back to the giveaway on your blog and you are entered. Pretty sweet.
And while I'm on the subject of cool sites, I think this Brick of Mormon Stories is pretty great.

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Kathi said...

These are way cute. And I got the Brick of Mormon Stories!