Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My sister Suz and car dancing

We're Nads, we're Suz
And we really cruise!
We rock, we rule
And we're really cool!

Me and my sister Suz used to car-dance. We would get goofy and laugh and we made up awesome songs. Like the one above. What, you don't think that's awesome?

I just posted the doofiest comment on her blog, and I have been so burned out and tired today that it was kind of nice when I made myself laugh. And you know what? Suz will laugh too. And I love that about her.


Kathi said...

I have to say that your comment really made me laugh. Right out loud. Very funny! I can't quit.
Your song was pretty cool, too.

Jana said...

You ladies are very talented! My songs were always so lame!!

Suz said...

Dude our songs weren't pretty cool. They were AWESOME!! Those were some of my funnest times! And your comment on my blog totally cracked me up!

Kara said...

That is definitely the bomb... wait for it.... diggity!