Monday, February 16, 2009

The End of the Rainbow

At Christmastime, I got to take my cute little nephew Andrew with me to JoAnn's. I absolutely couldn't resist letting him pick out his own fabric for some jammies. First he was kind of leaning towards the red valentine fleece. Then he found the Snoopy St. Patrick's Day and was all for that! Then he was super good while I did the rest of my shopping there (decorating my thread rack with gummi lifesavers.) He was so fun to have along. I even bought him his own little retractable tape measure since he promised he wouldn't complain when I had to measure him. He told me jokes and wanted me to tell him one, but he told me it wasn't funny because he'd heard it so much already. (Curt's "freep who.") I just have to think about him and that kid makes me smile.

When I made the kids their stocking jammies at Christmas, he said "Hey - you should have made it so the stocking would open, so we could put things in there!" I had actually wanted to do that very thing, but by the end of those, I was definitely ready to be done, not to mention I was out of time! So... we decided this shirt HAD to have something that opened on it. At first, we were thinking of a shamrock and then we thought of a pot of gold and got really excited! I had a bunch of sewing to finish before I made these, but it turned out so perfect, because these were finished last week, which just happened to be... the week of Andrew's birthday! (He's a Valentine's baby - no wonder he's such a sweetie.)

The best part of all was when he got up from his party, picked the pjs up, and with a sly grin, stole away to his room to put them right on! Now THAT is why I love to make stuff for the kids. Aggh this kid is CUTE! He was even sick that night, but he was so sweet, polite, happy and grateful for every single present.

Oh - and he is holding chocolate gold coins in his hands. This is what he was dying to have to fill his pot with. Thanks to Gram for going all the way out to Zurcher's to get them!!! He walked around all night proud as punch having them in his pot.

That was a good collaboration. I think Andrew and I need to work together more often.


Suz said...

I love how proud he looked when he came out of his room wearing the pj's.

Now where the heck are the pictures of the rice bags, woman?!

Jana said...

Oh how freaking cute are those!! :)

Kara said...

Oh my gosh I love it!! He is such a cutie!!

Kathi said...

They're so cute and how fun for him to be a part of it!

Anne said...

Andrew has wanted to wear his pot o' gold jammies every night since! Thanks for all you do.:)

Anna said...

What a great idea! I love it.