Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update in Pictures

So, apparently I don't do real well without this:

My gamma globulin shot. It has become very hard to get at the moment. For the last few weeks, I have been feeling very much like this:

Humpty Dumpty after the fall.

Thanks for bearing with me. I did get some gamma globulin now but don't know when I will be able to get it again so I'm trying to take it sparingly.

Last week, I did get to enjoy this:

Jake's percussion concert. They got to play on garbage cans, which was pretty dang cool. And those are his best buds on either side. Mitch and Forest.

Jake is having so much fun learning drums in his percussion class. He is doing fantastic, even though he has only been in there since January and all the other kids have been in there since the beginning of the school year. He picked it up so fast.

Forgive me while I take a moment here to ponder Jake's cuteness.

Thank you for coming Grams, Pa and Suz!! And thank you Grams for matching that sign (that is pointing to Jake's head) so well.

Hmm... who's butt is higher? Let's just call him Jakey-longlegs.

I also got to enjoy this:

Jake's General Music Choral Concert. I hate to say it but I was not looking forward to this one. (Part of that was that Jake wasn't excited about it or the least bit proud of it. He thought they all could have sung much louder and better, which I think is kind of funny for some reason.) I ended up enjoying it thoroughly though! It was fun to see all the kids that age and their interactions, what they wore, etc. I am ending up really liking this age that Jake is right now. I completely dreaded it, but he is doing well and I really like watching him go through his junior high experience so far.


Jana said...

I"m glad you got some medicine! Suz told us all about Jake's garbage can drumming. Very cool!

Suz said...

The percussions performance was really fun. I am SO glad you posted finally!

Kathi said...

Oh we do love him! And everyone is quite lucky that the video that Pa took of the percussion number didn't have sound. 21 garbage cans make a LOUD noise.

sara said...

Jake is so cute!! I'm glad that he's enjoying Jr. high.

I'm so sorry about your medicine...but glad you got some.

Kristen said...

I understand you pondering Jake's cuteness. He is a doll and looks so cool playing the garbage drums. Hope you are feeling better. Miss you.