Sunday, October 19, 2008

"This little church showed up on my right..."

I thought this was a cool story. I love the fact that the Lord was preparing her and that she had found BYU-TV on her own. I have wondered what people do when they come across that channel if they aren't members. This cute lady was really ready to join the church.

From the LDS Church News:
Dorothy Wagner doesn't really care if she remembers dates of events in her life. "I don't attempt to weigh myself down with them," said the 104 year old.
Dorothy Wagner joined the Church at age 103, perhaps one of the oldest to be baptized. She does know, however, that it was Easter Sunday a year ago when she turned her 1987 Cadillac into the parking lot of the meetinghouse for the Ash Flat Branch, North Little Rock Arkansas Stake. "I didn't know what the Church was," she said. "I was just out driving around. It was Easter. This little church showed up on my right." The petite, less than 5-feet-tall centenarian walked in and introduced herself. Branch members remember her declaring, "I'm here!" But she recalls it was more like, "Where am I?" And she was delighted when she discovered it was the same church as her favorite television channel, BYU-TV, where she most enjoys programs featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the scripture roundtable discussions. "I stay up all night listening to the scripture discussions. I just love to hear them." So at age 103, Dorothy Wagner became a member of the Church, perhaps one of the oldest to be baptized. She has made an impact. She was the featured speaker on Sept. 27 at the North Little Rock Arkansas Stake Center for a dinner prior to the broadcast of the 2008 General Relief Society Meeting. "We're just in awe of this lady," said Kathleen Bassman, branch Relief Society president. She said Sister Wagner still lives alone in her nearby home. "She is just happy and laughs and jokes. Everyone just loves her. She loves the Lord and is not afraid to tell anybody and she loves the Church." "What I appreciate are the members are so sweet and good and helpful. They have all the qualities that Church people should have," Sister Wagner said. She was born on Sept. 2, 1904. She and her husband, Howard, who died in 1983, had two sons.


Kathi said...

I read that in the Church News. What a cute lady!! She was very motivating to read about. Hopefully I can learn to be at least kind of cheerful and positive before I hit 104!

Kara said...

Wow! That is an awesome story!