Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happiness Is...

Parents who are awesome enough, and who love my son enough, that they would take him to St. George for 4 days with them.

4 sweet days of peace and quiet!

Resting whenever I need to without guilt.

Cleaning, and having things stay clean.

Using my energy for things I want (not just need) to do!

Talking to Jake on the phone and hearing about the fun time he's having and the friends he's hanging out with.

Hugging my sweet kid when he comes home safe and sound from a fun trip!

Thanks for taking him Mom and Dad - I feel refreshed and ready to handle life again.


Kathi said...

He is so great to have with us. Makes it a fun trip. We're glad he found some great kids to hang with. He takes good care of himself. Luckily, since he really only likes to do what he wants to do. We LOVE HIM!!

Jana said...

It was fun to see Jake while Suz and I were down there working (along with your parents of course). He's a great kid! And I'm surprised you don't have more girls knocking down your door cuz he's a good looking kid! hehe