Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So... I feel pretty un-bloggy at the moment. But I thought I would share someone else's blog post that inspired me. This blog is written by an LDS girl who lives in Lehi or Alpine or somewhere around there. I found her blog through some other crafty blogs. Her post is called "passion and life's callings." I love that she celebrates the mundane. I have found housework so monotonous, endlessly repetitive, and seemingly unworthwhile that I fight it. You do the dishes and clean the floor, and guess what? It is all a mess again the next day. It can be very tiresome. I think it makes a big difference if you are not spit on for what you use all your energy doing, like Keith did (sorry for the negativity there) and that left a bad taste in my mouth for something I did once have more of an appreciation and excitement for. I need to let that go somehow. Kelly's post gave me a fresh perspective! Check it out here. It IS all worth it. It blesses everyone in the home...the people we care about the most. When the household runs smoothly, there is more peace and enjoyment. We feel taken care of. And that is what home is all about. What about finding enjoyment in simple domesticity again? I know the end product would make me feel better. What about having clean clothes hanging in your closet, and fresh towels after the shower? What about looking around the kitchen and not seeing piles of paper and things to do? What if I didn't have that always hanging over me? Can I get over the apathy I feel? How do you feel about housework? Is it trivial or meaningful? Fulfilling or drudgery?


Kathi said...

I forgot, I did read this and loved it. I just didn't have time to comment at the time. I loved her outlook.
Having a passion for anything, or finding what we're good at, is life's big question!

Suz said...

I don't know if this will make sense but we're gonna give it a whirl.

I use to clean my house for other people. I was always worried about being judged so I always kept it spotless and then I started to resent it. Now I clean when I want to and only for me and it's made it much easier. Sure I put it off waaaay longer then I should but now I actually get a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment from it since I'm doing it on my terms. And as long as I keep the main areas 'tidy' then the rest doesn't get so overwhelming. If I do let those areas get too messy though then it totally hangs over me and affects my mood and I feel SO incredibly overwhelmed and stressed.

That was more rambling then I intended and what I'm really trying to say here is: housework bites the big one.

Kristen said...

Natalie -- I've missed you. I thought you stopped your blog because I couldn't find it, but come to find out I just used two https when I linked it to mine and it took me a month to figure it out. Now I feel like we are back in touch and I love your ideas of helping the mundane not be mundane and conference (I love not making my 1 hour commute and watching in my jammies too). Miss you!!