Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flowers in the Winter

Here is a bit of sewing for 2 of my nieces that I started way back in the Spring, finished this fall, and am just now getting around to posting. As I've said before, the treatments I am doing have been wiping me out really bad, so I'm just glad I got them done while they could still wear them! I got excited about making these when I saw a striped onesie at Old Navy. This striped/big applique combination has been calling to me ever since I saw this and this at Mini Boden. Mini Boden does some amazing appliques. I actually like the strawberry one best, but this project just seemed to call for a flower. I was so excited to find an XL Women's shirt in the same stripe so I could make something out of it for Sarah to match her little sister Gracie.
So here's Sarah's skirt. (I figure she can wear leggings with it for now, right?)

And Gracie's top went through some changes. It actually started out as a onesie, but my sister doesn't love the look of those on an older baby, so I cut it off and hemmed it, and then added the white sleeves from another shirt to make it a layered-look long sleeved top!

Here is the shirt I used to make the skirt for Sarah:
Maybe I'll do a tutorial for it one of these days, although the pictures I took were all in the middle of the night and not great!

And lastly, here is a little thought for today:
Just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed, that with the sun's love
in the spring becomes the rose.
---The Rose


Suz said...

Holy crap that shirt turned out DANG CUTE!!!

Meream said...

I agree, the top is super adorable :)

JoAnna said...

Didn't I comment here?? I thought I did? These are amazingly cute!! The girls look so stinking cute in them. In fact, the very day that you posted this, they wore them. Sorry I didn't get a pic.

Anne said...

SOOO adorable. Natalie, you are amazing, and our kiddos get to benefit from it! :)

Jana said...


Everyday Mom Ideas said...

You are so talented! Wow! My weakness is sewing. I have a sewing machine wasting away. Im just terrible at it. Maybe I'll try to take it up again in a few years.