Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Action Shots

We got some fun action shots when Jake was snowboarding in our driveway during one of our big snowfalls a couple weeks ago. He was so excited that it was snowing so much that it took some of the ickiness out of it for me. He loves sledding, snowboarding, etc. He gets creative thinking of things to use for sliding down the hills. We have skateboards without wheels covered in tinfoil, plastic, wax, etc. He's nothing if not imaginative. This is actually a plastic snowboard that we found at Toys R Us. We used the burst option on my camera so that I didn't only catch the picture right before or after he caught air!

He gets a little blurry.

Ok now he's just a phantom snowboarder. Which is kind of awesome.

There he is.

He had fun!


Kathi said...

I loved the Phantom Snowboarder! Glad he has so much fun out of what we dread. No more injuries, though!!

JoAnna said...

Oh wow!! That looks like a blast! Awesome pics!

Suz said...

Oh Fun! Should have invited Curt over. They would have had a blast.