Monday, May 3, 2010

Modeled photos!

I get SO excited to see my nieces and nephews in things I make them!! I love seeing pictures of them period, so with them in something I made is just the crème de la crème. I made matching outfits last Summer for my niece Sarah and her best friend. Here is a picture of them together in them!
How sweet are these two? My sister's friend is an amazing photographer and she took these pictures of the bffs for posterity!

And here are photos of Sarah in the butterfly dress I made a while ago! Sarah had a butterfly show-and-tell day at school and was excited to wear it.

It was a windy day. She's the cutest thing!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

MamaWise said...

Sarah and her BBF are so adorable, I know it is sweet to see them wearing outfits you made. Wonderful news that they are all coming for a visit, I know you all look forward to it. HUGS! Tina

Braden said...

Wow, Natalie. You are amazing. So, can you do sweater vests, too? :)

Kathi said...

Very funny, Braden!
Those girls will treasure those pictures over the years when they're separated by miles.
And the clothes will be fun memories!

Jana said...

What cute little outfits you made.. as always!! :)

Andrea W. said...

What darling girls and how lucky they are to have such a talented aunt! I think you're amazing.