Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Blankie!

Speaking of focusing on other sewing skills, I took a serger class! I had previously only mastered the straight stitch on it and was impressed with myself if I could thread the thing in under 20 minutes. Well now I have learned some new skills! I hope I don't forget them before I can use them all.

One of our class exercises was to make a blanket. It was pretty simple, but they taught us to cut a little rectangle in it where we start serging so that when we come back around to finish, it looks nice and professional instead of just serging off in a diagonal. I also used Woolly Nylon in the loopers so that the thread would fill in a little more and be softer than regular thread.

I chose to make a little blankie for my newest niece Gracie Jayne.

Here is the sweet little doll wrapped up cozy in it.

I think she likes it!


JoAnna said...

It really is so soft and cozy. She loves it and so do I!! You are so talented.

Mariel said...


Look at these cute, creative ideas! I'm thinking YOU need to do a guest post on "Or so she says..."! Email me (


Braden said...

Natalie, I'm really impressed by all you do. I can't sew a stitch and so people who can really seem like magicians to me. Your niece looks so comfortable and cozy!

Sue said...

This is adorable...and so is your niece!