Friday, February 19, 2010

LBB Challenge Gallery is Up!

Here is the gallery of all the entries for the contest. There are so many amazing and creative ideas here! I know what my favorites are (How about that monster hoodie!?) and I think the judges have quite a job before them to narrow it down to a top ten!! Here is Ashley of LBB's post about the gallery. My entries were missed somehow when she posted yesterday, but are in there today!


Sara said...

Cute posts Natalie!
Your entries are great!! You're so creative, and good with details.
I love that you get chapped lips from sewing:)

Suz said...

I read about the challange and wanna make sure i have this right; the public will be able to vote but not until they decide who the 10 finalists are? If you're a finalist, and quite frankly I'll be SHOCKED if you aren't, you're gonna let us know so we can vote, right?

Natalie said...

Suz - you are right!! I had it in my head that the judges did the final judging too, but there is a week-long public vote! I love your confidence in me. I don't have that, but thanks so much for your vote. You rock!