Friday, July 3, 2009

A Little Piece of Heaven

Welcome to the World Miss Elise Kimble!
What is it about babies that makes it so you just can't pull away. They just lie there sleeping and you want to sit and watch. This precious bundle was delivered on June 14th to Curt and Anne and they are pleased as punch. In fact, we are all in love with her. My dad insists that if you went up to heaven to find the most beautiful baby to bring to earth, it would be little Elise. She is as precious as they come and doesn't want for attention when family is around!

Smiling for her dad on her first day home from the hospital.

She is a long awaited and special blessing and I am so glad she is here!


Suz said...

Um what the crap!? Why didn't you show the cute picture of the ADORABLE onesie you made for her?!

For all you readers out there, Elise looked cuter in that than anything else she's worn so far!

Kathi said...

And she just gets cuter!

Andrea W. said...

She is stunningly beautiful! Congrats to Curt and Anne. Your creations are fabulous, what a fun aunt to be spoiling neices and nephews with your creativity.