Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's a Grand Old Flag

Andrew had requested some 4th of July jammies back when I finished his St. Patrick's Day pjs. He wanted the flag to be a pocket. Well, since Sam is in town (YAY!) and has always loved flags, I couldn't leave him out! When I told them I was making them, Sam very hopefully asked if they were the kind with the flag going all the way across instead of little ones all over. Luckily, that is exactly what I had planned and cut out already! So here are the flag jammies. With many thanks to Gram for helping me to match the stripes. I cut these out of Old Navy Men's boxers which made the stripe-matching a little harder but was perfect for the fabric! I finally finished these on July 3rd and brought them to Sam and Andrew with chocolates in the flag pockets on the shirt. (My mom stuck a flag in it for this picture.)

When I brought the jammies out to them, they were so excited that they went and changed right then and there in the playhouse. (We won't mention the streaking to run upstairs to get some underwear since they just had swimsuits on.)
My mom wanted them to tuck just the center part of their shirt in so we could see the blue part of the flag, but then they both proceeded to tuck their shirts in as far as they could. When we said "oh wait...." Sam said they needed to do it that way because then they looked nice "right Andrew?" :) Andrew agreed. Did I mention how much I love my nephews?

There are already so many pictures in this post, I will wait and post a couple pictures of Elise being patriotic tomorrow. I hope you all had a happy 4th!


Suz said...

ok my bad. Maybe I should've read this post first before I commented on your last one.
I LOVE the jammies and I'm guessing Sam does too since he's worn the shirt everyday since you gave it to him... oh and good to know it wasn't you guys that told the boys to tuck in their shirts!

Kathi said...

They both wore them in Andrew's neighborhood parade on the 4th and looked REALLY cute and patriotic.

Jana said...

Oh I love them Natalie!!! Great work to you and Gram!

JoAnna said...

I'm totally laughing about them tucking them all the way in. I thought that it looked particularly goofy but now, knowing the whole story, it just looks adorable!!

Kara said...

You rock natalie! You did an awesome job! I love your nephews too! :-)

Sara said...

Those boys are so lucky to have such a fun aunt.
Congratulations on your new BEAUTIFUL niece!