Saturday, September 6, 2008


Sam, Sarah and Andrew

What a fun August we had with Sam, Sarah and Jo in town! Andrew was up at Pa and Gram's (my parents) almost every day. They had swimming lessons, a trip to the zoo, Red Butte Gardens, Kangaroo Zoo and Boondocks. They loved jumping on the tramp every night and finding Orangejello (the turtle), having Pa mix them drinks (Talking Rain and Gatorade), picking tomatoes, playing in the sandpile, getting Slurpees or shaved ice...

There's something about kids and the way they view the world. They're eager to wake up in the morning and discover a new day. Their whole lives ahead of them - they are fresh and ready to take it on. This enthusiasm and fresh perspective is healing for me. I love these kids! I wish I had some more pictures of Jake with them but he just happened to not be around much when we were taking pictures!

Here are some more pictures of the fun times in August:


JoAnna said...

You summed it all up PERFECTLY!!

Tiff said...

Great pictures. they sure are cute! it was so fun to be there.

Kathi said...

I showed Andrew these pictures (and your videos). He loved them!
(I thought I already commented on this. ???my mind)