Monday, May 4, 2009

2 New Outfits for My Little Sarah Girl

The skirt is Onion pattern 20021. The top is from Target, and the pin is made by me. My first hot fix bling efforts ever. I have been informed that Sarah now likes anything she thinks is "pretty". I hope she thinks her new outfit is pretty! (This is the same girl who refused to dress up like a princess at a princess party - which I'm sure was the dream of most of the girls there!)

Knit play shorts - Ottobre pattern 3/07 #10. Top from Target. These were fun projects!! I loved both patterns - pretty easy but satisfyingly cute!

p.s Suz, Kara, and Jana - your rice bags are next!


Kathi said...

Yeah, I guess rice bags just aren't as satisfying to 'create'.
Good heavens these are cute! What a lucky girl!! I mean ADORABLE!

Suz said...

If I lose like maybe two hundred lbs and shrink about a foot will you start making clothes for me? Because DANG!!!! These are SO FREAKING CUTE!!

sara said...

She is the luckiest girl in the world!

Andrea W. said...

Natalie, this is Andrea Bell. How are you? I was so happy to find JoAnna's blog from a comment she left on Sara's and then to find you! What a stalker. Anyway, I can't believe how talent you are, what adorable clothes, and what a devoted aunt! Also, my husband and I LOVE Chuck too! It was great reading up on you and Jake. I cannot believe how grown up he is, and not so surprising, how handsome he is. Anyway, hope all is well!

Jana said...

VERY good job! :)

Braden said...

Hey Natalie! How are you feeling these days? I am really impressed that you made this stuff. These are lucky little nieces and nephews.