Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh Mummy!

OK, I wasn't sure if I was going to try posting every day for a whole month for National Blog Posting Month, but I figure I'll give it a shot. Even if I don't get to it every day, it will be more than I would have done otherwise!

Here's a cute little something to start with! My nephew Andrew was the excitement of my Halloween! Does he make a cute mummy or what? He is SUCH a sweetie. Whenever I see him, he will give me a big hug and sometimes even run up and jump in my arms. I love it when he teaches me "school" and he is such a good sharer! He is really unbelievably sweet and thoughtful.

Isn't his costume adorable? My sister-in-law made it! She always makes something awesome for him to wear. It's funny - I like to sew but I have never made a costume. Jake always wanted to be the latest character he was crazy about... and I didn't mind!

Here's my brother Curt, Andrew, and his friend Hadley aka Cleopatra. They went Trick or Treating forever and raked in a huge stash of candy!!


JoAnna said...

Oooh!! I miss you guys.

Kara said...

So so cute!

Jana said...

Oh I love Andrew!! He is so stinkin cute!

I'm glad you're going to try a post each day.. I am not inspired! I don't think I'll have enough interesting things to write!

Natalie said...

I'm not inspired either! I am FORCING myself!!!! Lol (I'm not sure why...)

Kristen said...

So fun and love the costumes. We love halloween!!