Saturday, November 8, 2008

How Do You Read Your Blogs?

Last night at about 8 pm, I had the intense desire to go to sleep! I needed it so badly that I dropped everything, climbed into bed, and told Jake he could guest post on my blog if he wanted. So he took a video of himself playing Rock Band on the Playstation 3 and spent a couple hours downloading and trying different video converters to get it up here. No luck! Hence... no blog post yesterday! Maybe I will post a couple times in one day another day.

So... I'm curious. How do you read your blogs? Do you just check them all? Or do you like bloglines, google reader, or something else? Do you have many that you read? Do you have many through which you weed? Do you read them in a chair, do you read them in your underwear? Lol just kidding. It started to sound like a Dr. Seuss poem so I thought I'd go with it. My favorite way is Feedblitz because they email them right to me. That is for the ones that I don't check on my own or when I get busy and am not checking regularly. It takes about 24 hours to get them to you but I really like just skimming through them in my email! On the website, if you scroll down to the bottom left, it has a little box that says "subscribe" and then you copy and paste the link and put your email address in and voila! They come right to your email. You don't even have to register.


Kathi said...

Darn, I'd like to have seen Jake's video. (It's shorter than the real thing).
I only read 4 regularly so I just check them every day. That's why I love NABLOPOMO.

Jana said...

I read them in my underwear! ;)

I have all the blogs I check regularly saved in my favorites and I just go down the list every day! I too am loving NABLOPOMO because so many people are writing blogs regularly!

JoAnna said...

Great q! Ever since I downloaded the thingy on the side of my blog that lets me know everyone's latest post, that's what I do. But I hate the private blog issue. Those get checked much less frequently.

Suz said...

Oh you make me laugh. I love the dr. suess moment. I have my link to my blog saved to my favorites so I just click on that and then look on my sidebar to see who's has been updated and go from there.