Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can you believe it?

These brand new prescription glasses only cost me 8 Bucks!!!!!! How much do I love the internet? You can save 5% if you need any glasses too because they sent me a code with my order. It is "godirect". Although 5% off of $8 isn't much, there are some more expensive frames on there. But there is nothing over $80. (You do need to have a prescription already.) I had put off getting new glasses for years. I have one really old pair for tv that only have one lens left that I have been using! I do have one nice pair in my car. I don't wear them constantly, so if I bring them inside, they never make their way back out. So that's my little internet find that I am extremely excited about. I know it is a little boring to post about but I wanted to share anyway, and I'm not up to posting much else at the moment. Hopefully soon!
Have a wonderful day!


Kathi said...

Wow-Awesome! Sarah Palin should have tried that. Instead of her $700 ones! But at least she sold the Governor's luxury jet on ebay.

Suz said...

Dude you are so doing my shopping from now on!