Sunday, May 30, 2010

What I've Done This Weekend

First of all Happy Memorial Day. Are you having a nice long weekend? I hope so. I was so excited to have a long weekend all to myself to get some stuff done. Jake is at his dad's house, and I wanted to clean and sew and finish up some things on my very long to do list.

But nope. This is what I have done almost the entire weekend.
Sleep, sleep, sleep, get up, eat, read, rest, rest, sleep, sleep, sleep, and over again.

But I didn't look this pretty.

More like this:

Among other things, I'm doing a treatment called NAET to see if it helps me, and it has wiped me out. Not to mention, I am having extreme bladder issues. The good thing is that I CAN sleep and don't have to worry about getting Jake places or homework, etc!

I hope you're able to relax this weekend.


Kathi said...

That last picture should be in our basement.
I'm sorry you've felt so awful.

Braden said...

I'm sorry you have felt so bad! But I am glad that you were able to rest without worrying about getting people/things where they needed to be. I notice that every year at the end of the school year my body shuts down for a day or two and I have to just sleep.