Monday, March 29, 2010

My Cousin Wrote a Book!!

My very talented cousin Braden Bell has written a book! It is called The Road Show and is an LDS fiction novel. You can join a giveaway here for his book - it ends in a couple days, so go now!

Braden is such a fantastic guy, an amazing dad and husband, writer, singer, etc! My first memories of him are when he would ask me the spanish words I knew that I was learning in pre-school. :) I don't know why that memory sticks in my brain, but it does, along with the words el gato and el perro.

There is a description of his book here: All About the Roadshow and you can find endorsements for it, and more about Braden here.

Dang, too bad I don't have a picture scanned into the computer of me as a green pepper in our road show one year, or I would have graced you with it.


Kathi said...

Too bad we don't have that picture!
I just pre-ordered his book. I'm proud of him! I wonder if he asked the Lt. Governor for an endorsement?

Jana said...

Oh man I love Road Shows! I'm sad we are missing out on your green pepper outfit! :)

Braden said...

How nice! This post made my day, although the pepper picture would have probably made my whole week :)

You are so nice to do this. Thank you.

It's funny you bring up the Spanish thing. I remember that, too. I remember that Grandma Brewer told me you were learning Spanish in school. I thought that was really cool since we didn't do that in our school--I think maybe I thought it was impossible or something.

Kathi, thanks for ordering! I didn't ask the Lt. Gov for an endorsement because I want democrats to buy the book, too! :)

Kara said...

Ya I am way sad about the pepper outfit! Lol Another day maybe! =)