Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lil Blue Boo Challenge Winners and Our Weekend

The final 15 are up if you want to go vote! I am not among them, but that is ok! I really just enjoyed creating and getting the juices flowing for this. Plus, Sarah has 3 new outfits now!

Also... do you want to win a yard of some of the cutest fabric ever? Just comment on this blog!

Jake and I have had a fun weekend. Even though he was snowed under with homework (and even did homework for hours on a Friday night which is UNHEARD of for him) we have enjoyed just hanging out. Luckily his Aunt Anne helped a lot with his math and I have been helping with the other stuff including making up games for a science project. Want to do a science crossword anyone? How about a cryptogram on volcanoes? No?

You know those times when you just get along and enjoy each other's company? (This still happens, but becomes a little less often when you get a teen/pre-teen!) It has been that way this weekend and I have loved it. It probably had nothing at all to do with the fact that Jake had a big meltdown Thursday night from all the school stress. OK, it had everything to do with it. He has been so much more relaxed and happy and we have had some good talks, and some time just hanging out and watching tv.

Ohh! I just remembered that I forgot to share a funny picture from Spirit Week at Jake's school. Here you go:
They got to dress up as nerds one day! He had blue stripes in his hair another day! These types of things help make school worth it.


Sara said...

Such a funny picture! I love his straight face!
You're such a good mom! It sounds like you two had a great weekend.

Suz said...

Geez, look at the size of those feet! I love that kid :-)

Jana said...

Love the Jake picture!! That's so fun!! :)