Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Five a Day

Five things I am grateful for today:

1. FAMILY - you guys are wonderful and I love you all!
2. Jake - he is such a great kid and fills my heart with love each day.
3. the gospel, good church leaders, scriptures, guidance, the SAVIOR (Yeah I'm cramming that all into one so I can fit it in!)
4. good books
5. that my sister and brother and spouses/families are coming for Christmas ... WOOOHOOOO!!!

I have a question - is my blog only showing up green to you, with the pink writing, and no brown background? It keeps doing that for me so I wanted to check. And - can anyone tell me how to just get a cute banner at the top - and favorite sites for that? I love this background, but it is not displaying correctly, plus the design takes up a lot of space. Thank you for any help or feedback!


Kristen said...

Hi Nat -- like your 5 a day. We should do that for gratitude. I see your blog with cream and pink writing. The pink writing for this post is great, the other posts have lighter pink writing that I can't read and I have to bold it. No brown though. Miss you.

Kathi said...

Ditto on the things your grateful for!
Mine shows with a nice dark background and cute border and the writing is a very readable hot pink. I guess I'm just lucky.

Jana said...

I do not see any of your cute brown background! As far as cute headers go, I'd google free blogger headers and see what comes up!
Love your list of gratitude! :)

Suz said...

I only see the green background w/pink text. I agree w/Jana. Google free blogger headers. That's the best way to find anything. Or ask Jo to design your page. She did hers and look how cute it is.
I too am very grateful for your amazing son! LOVE HIM TO BITS!!!

JoAnna said...

Love it! Are Eric and Tiff coming?????
(Ditto on the majority for your blog. It's not coming up quite right.)