Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aunty Ollie Giveaway

One of my "when I get well" dreams is to become a clothing designer - mostly for kids. I have always loved apparel - it just excites me! I saw this giveaway and thought I'd enter because 1- what the heck? I could win stuff for my nieces (and maybe nephews?) And 2- the clothes are fun and I like to dream about being a designer like Aunty Ollie some day. You can join too - you just post a link on your blog!


Jana said...
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Jana said...

I love that jacket!! Love love love!! :)

If I had more talent, I'd like to make handbags for a living! I am passionate about the details and would love to translate it into the "perfect" bag.

(I deleted my other comment because of such poor spelling lol)

Natalie said...

Oh Jana - I didn't even see any spelling errors! You totally can sew handbags! All it takes is learning!!! That would be so cool!

Kathi said...

That is SO cute! That's the problem-you have too many choices of things to do 'when you get well'. You'd be so good at so many things.