Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Bundle of Yummy

Here is my little niece Elise in a onesie I appliqued for her. This onesie was given to my sister-in-law Anne with a really weird applique on it, so we pulled it off and I did the birdies on it instead. Could this baby get any cuter? Dang! I want to eat her up!
And you'd think all she does is smile...

...and goo and try to talk to you. She LOVES when you talk to her. She is definitely a people person already. Hmmm... could she be her mom's daughter?
And her brother Andrew, the entrepreneur has been busy this summer. Busy doing what? Making money. He had a farmer's market with my dad's veggies from his garden and some magnets he made, and he made $25.00. I think I just found a new summer job for Jake next year. Maybe Anne and Curt won't have to worry about putting Andrew through college - if he keeps going at this rate he will take care of it himself. He is so cute and funny. He is always selling candy and wanting to do lemonade stands. He brought me some snickerdoodles for my birthday (made my day!) and he "snicked my doodle!" He told me it was cauliflower under the foil and I believed him. Little trickster. I love the phrase "snick my doodle." Anne said he kept saying he was going to snick my doodle the whole time he was making cookies.


JoAnna said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! You just made my whole day with those stories! What a CUTIE-PATOOTIE!! Both of them! Elise melts my heart. (And I LOVE that applique!) And Andrew is killing me!! "Snick your doodle"!!!! WHat a character! I love the Farmer's Market! What a kid.

Kathi said...

Of course, you need Dad to tell you what she's saying and thinking because, apparently, he knows!
She just gets kissier!

Suz said...

Andrew is a hoot! I keep thinking about how he called me honey mcbunches. I get a huge smile and chuckle every time I think about it. And what about the time he was selling one tiny Mike and Ike for 10 cents a piece? LOVE HIM!!

Thanks for posting this. It's great to see these pictures of her w/some stories to go w/them.

Jana said...

Ok... #1 Can Elise be ANY cuter?! Like some babies are weird looking at first and get cuter. Not her, she started beautiful and just keeps getting better!

And #2... Andrew is the cutest freaking thing EVER!!! Totally love him!! :)

annie valentine said...

You could sell those onesies, they're so darn cute.