Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July Part 2

I guess I was being too ambitious saying I would post these the next day. Here are the rest of our 4th of July pictures. We had a lot of fun! Here's yummy little Elise in the flag onesie I appliqued for her. Andrew and Elise togetherJake did a great job manning the fireworks
Sam and Andrew got to pick out which ones we did next. They danced, screamed and jumped all around when each one went off. It made the night 10 times more fun to see how excited they were.

And here's Elise with her hand over her heart. I guess she is as grateful for this country as I am.


Kristen said...

Happy 4th. What cute pictures and I am so impressed with how cute Jake is with all the cousins being the oldest. What a good kid!

sara said...

Such a cute onesie! Looks like you guys had a fun holiday! All the cousins together!!

Anne said...

So cute. Thanks for all the darling jammies. Andrew came straight home and put on his new car ones! :)