Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So, on top of the aforementioned awesome tickets, Jake also gave me my favorite kind of gift --- homemade! How cute is this? See how the nose is smelling the delicious nature scent? I love it! This is the top of the box. And here is the inside:

I don't even know if he knows what potpourri is but he made me some! He used hyssop from my dad's garden, among other nice smelling plants. It has a lovely smell. He thought of this all himself because he wanted to do something extra for my birthday, just from him. He really is a sweetheart. My most prized possessions are the things he has made me or the notes he has written me. I'll have to share some more some time!


JoAnna said...

So cute! What a clever kid. I sure do love him and you. And I never commented, but I loved your previous post too. I went on to read the whole post. Thanks for sharing!!

Kathi said...

And I got one as an afterthought! He is such a fun kid-very thoughtful. Love him!