Friday, October 14, 2011

3 Loves and a Hate

I read about a very cool site called Print Friendly. I added a link to it on my bookmarks bar, and when I am on a page, I just click it and it pulls up its print preview page. (You can also just go to the site and copy and paste the link from the site that you want to print something from.) From there, you can delete any of the content, pictures, etc. to make it how you want it. I just printed a recipe that had a bunch of pictures in the directions. I only wanted the first picture of the made recipe, and deleted the rest easy peasy, without having to save it to Word and work from there. Love it! Very fun site that is like a big online bulletin board. You can pin any of your favorite recipes, sewing, crafting, scrapbooking or cooking tutorials, quotes, blog posts, home decor ideas, etc. That link takes you to my boards if you want to follow my pins. It is such an easy way to keep track of things, especially if you are like me and you have a million things bookmarked, recipes, inspiration pictures, etc. saved to your computer. Here is one of the quotes I have pinned.
Good one, huh?

I really strongly dislike, OK, hate the big colorful ads that Windows Live has added to my emails. I use 2 different email programs because it is easier for me to read them all if I separate the emails I get that way. (I get blog emails, recipe emails, sewing group emails, etc. Why yes, I do spend too much time online. Why do you ask?) I was considering switching it all to gmail, which is an awesome email program.

Thanks to Jake though, I found out about Google AdBlock for Google Chrome (my favorite browser.) YIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE ad-free browsing and especially ad-free email. LOVE.


JoAnna said...

This blog update---- LOVE.


Suz said...

Lol! Love this post!

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