Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I told Jake I needed him to make me a valentine this year, and he sat right down and made me this. What a cutie. He printed the real heart out from the internet and cut it out. The Feliz Cumpleanos is because he is silly and learned it the other day in Spanish class. :)
I have been working on these two skirts for a while and am excited to share them! I love the colors of this fabric line all together like this. This is Sarah's outfit:

And here is Elise's outfit:

And here is the sweetest little punkin' ever in her outfit:It ended up a bit too big, but I guess that means it will still fit her in the fall!


Suz said...

The outfits are SOOO CUTE!!! And so is Jake!

Anne said...

We LOVE the outfit. Thanks Nanny!

Sara said...

So CUTE!!!
You're amazing!
It looks like Jake had a great birthday, I can NOT believe how old he is!

Kristen said...

Your sewing outfits are so gorgeous and you are the most fun mom with Jake. What an incredible bond and I love the pict of him driving and thinking of him playing his drums. You are the best.

Jana said...

I am in love!! I especially love the hearts on Sarah's outfits!! :) And now you have a third little niece to make clothes for! :) Congrats!

Kathi said...

Those outfits turned out so darling. Wish we had them together for pictures! Or just together!