Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why yes... I do need help.

Psychological help.

I absolutely love browsing sewing blogs. Some of my favorites are not even in English! It makes me feel broadened a little though, to be able to stick the link through google translate and read most of what they are saying. It makes the world feel a little smaller to me and I love that.

Think this is too funky with the armbands?

Some of the European sewing and clothing is more funky, or at least funky in a different way than the U.S. styles, but I am drawn to them. (This is definitely one of the less funky things I have considered.) One of my "issues" in life is seeing so many different styles that I start to wonder what my sister and sister-in-law will think is normal for me to sew for their kids! I think I probably talk myself out of way too many things. Why the anxiety... WHY????? :D It keeps me from getting lots done, I know, aside from the energy riddle. I worry if I can do it, what part I will screw up, what if I do it and they hate it, how the neckline might be too stretched out, my seams aren't perfect, will it fall apart, does this really go together... ACK! Obsessive much? It is actually a wonder I get anything done!! I swear that inner voice is like a sick, leather whipping, psycho sometimes! Don't be scared of me. I don't usually let that part spill over to other people. Really. In fact, I don't even think all that stuff matters that much! Just doing something and having fun doing it is seriously such a joy. So why can't I let go of the dang obsessiveness?! It is good to be self-aware at least. If I know I am anxious, and I am aware of it, then I can at least know that I am being weird or freaking myself out and talk myself down some. I think I need to go meditate.


Jana said...

I like the armbands! I think it's a fun touch! :)

I think with anything in crafts, the mistakes are what makes it charming! :)

Kathi said...

You're funny. The funny thing is, we're all half crazy.

Suz said...

Oh my gosh I freaking LOVE the armbands! I totally get ya about all the anxiety. That's exactly why I don't usually do any crafts. Ugh!

Kristen said...

You are so funny -- miss you tons and want to wish you and Jake a Merry Christmas. Kisses from France.