Saturday, May 23, 2009

Worth so much more than money

This right here is what keeps me going.I mean, tell me that doesn't warm your heart. For me, there's no better gift. It is like the pure love of a child captured and put into an envelope and sent through the mail. This was Sarah's "thank you" for the clothes I made her. It is a labor of love, I tell ya. There's nothing like my niece, nephews and Jake to remind me that life is worthwhile and full of joy and beauty.

Oh my gosh I love the people she draws. From the banana/triangle people above to these guys with their awesome hair. I. love. them. (Don't mind the bleed-through from the other side of the paper - it just means there's another picture to enjoy.)

I think this one looks like a treasure map. See the xs to mark the treasure spot? And the little fish in the pond in the middle? And the maze that adorable little person had to walk through to find it? See those letters at the top? She does some good letters for only 4 years old! OK, end of love fest, but these made me so happy. Thanks Sarah!


Kathi said...

Warms my heart. Something about those little triangle people makes me want to hug 'em! Don't you wish you could read her mind?

Kristen said...

Too cute. It looks like she spent a lot of time and effort. Those are keepers. She's lucky she has such an awesome aunt.

Jana said...

I am calling you out! I need a blog post from you DESPERATELY!!! Tell us cute stories about the kids, or show us your recent craft, or just tell us nothing at all! But I feel deprived!

If you do not post something we will be in a fight and I'll want the turtle paper back! lol
Love, Jana

Ashley said...

These are so great! you should send them to I love seeing what he comes up with! I submitted my daughter's art twice. Thanks for stopping by today!