Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've been reading

I'm coming down from a high to tell you all that you must go out right away and find it and read it. It is unbelievably delightful. It has charm, depth, romance, history, humor, it is touching... it has it all. When I finished it, I wanted to turn the pages right back and start it all over again. I have only felt like that one other time since I was little! (And I can't remember which book that was.) I kept checking to see that I still had plenty of pages left because I wholeheartedly didn't want it to end.

It is about people during WWII that live on the island of Guernsey (near England) and they create this society as sort of a book club by accident, - really to fool the German soldiers occupying their island. A friendship is begun with a woman author (authoress?) in London and they all become connected through letters. We learn about the people on the island, the occupation, and the authoress and they are all wonderful characters who you just want to keep reading and reading about. I can't do it justice here but I do give it my highest recommendation!


JoAnna said...

I cannot wait to read it! Dad suggested I choose it for my blog book club. I'm on it!

Kathi said...

Wow, I can't wait to read it. I'm so glad there are a lot of good books around, then it's so thrilling to find one so outstanding.

Kristen said...

Sounds awesome...what is a blog book club??? I miss going to my two different book clubs a month...there isn't one within a 20 km radius in English thanks for the recommendation.

Natalie said...

Hey Kristen!
My sister's blog book club is here: Good idea huh? You can totally join - if you do, I will... or you could start your own! I'd join that!